Take Your Small Business To The Next Level

Are You Ready to Get Rid of the Headaches and Capture that Big Opportunity?

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    It's time to put the Ibuprofen away and stop spinning your wheels trying to face the challenges on your own.
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    Are you tired of missing the big opportunity? That one break you need to take your business to the next level and change your family's life forever.
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    Being a business owner is a lonely game - without a board of advisors who have been there, most small businesses fail before they even have a chance.

Hi, I'm Cody. If you're ready to make a change - to take control of your life and your time - that's exactly what I've been helping small business owners do.

Become A Better Business Owner... Overnight!

I know so many of you are totally frustrated.


You're ready to pull your hair out with the way your life is going. You have to keep haggling your prices, competition always seems to be one step ahead and not to mention the bureaucracy of managing staff. I get it.

That's part of the reason I do what I do today.  

But I couldn't do it without the experience I've had helping other small businesses get out of the same rut. A way to build their business the right way so when they needed to pull the trigger and get out.... they could. 

I want that for you too. 

So no matter where you are in your small business career, whether you are just getting into it or are looking for an exit strategy. I can help you get there quicker, easier and with less stress. 

I'm all about getting the train back on the tracks, getting clarity on where your destination is and figuring out EXACTLY what you need to do to start turning the wheel.  

We are going to solve your biggest challenge, identify and take advantage of your next opportunity and crush the road blocks. Doing it the right way. 

I know what it’s like.  

That’s why I am all about being laser focused, it will get you the results you want because I was in your shoes not too long ago.  

I was running my own small business while I was helping others run theirs and I can show you how to do it faster than I did and do it safely.

It does not matter who you are or where you are at in your career or small business. It Simply Works… 

So if you are ready for a change, you know that today’s model is unsustainable and you want to find a better way without taking a second job or selling the house – then let's have a call. 

I will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the greatness you've always had inside you. 

By the end of the call you'll be in the process of taking your life back, living the lifestyle you want and spending time with those closest to you.

Now, I'm offering you a powerful shortcut by saving you the headaches and mistakes that I went through. 

I'd love to share more with you below... 

Here's how this call works:

This is a 45-minute call, A to Z, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) to identify your challenges, opportunities and problems. Then we're going to find what you need to arm yourself to crush the roadblocks and take your life back.

                                                                                                             Cody Alexander

How do I know if this is for me?

What You Should Expect From Our Call: 

  • A Rock-Solid, No Holds-Barred, Realistic Outline
  • A path forward into the Brave New World of Small Business
  • Escape from the Traditional Model of working hard, paying too much in taxes and having nothing left over

This call is for someone who is committed to achieving the highest levels of success beyond their business, for "A-Level" people who are dedicated to results.

I only want serious men and women who are ready to take that next step.

This call is your ticket to build the business of your dreams; at the end of the day, you don't need the headaches. 

This is exactly what the small business owners I've helped are doing.

They're getting access to a proven platform for achieving their business goals faster and with much less risk than they find trekking the lonely mountain of entrepreneurship alone.

What Makes This Unique?

  • Made by an Entrepreneur, For Entrepreneurs. It's built for people like you
  • Forced Clarity. This will be specific, personalized, practical, and goal-oriented.
  • Target-driven. This isn't about coming up with a plan. This is finding a path to creating a new reality.
  • No Excuses. We define each step to ensure you can have everything to make your small business a success. 
  • Proven. I've helped many small business owners like you get through the road blocks in their business to build the lifestyle they dreamed of when they first started.

Why Am I Here?

It wasn't too long ago that I was at the end of my rope. I was burnt out. My family was burnt out. There had to be a better way to run a small business without having the headaches, competing by price and trying to play catch up. 

It felt like I kept facing challenges without anywhere to go to for guidance. By the time I was able to come up for air I realized I had just missed a big opportunity that could have changed my business which was closely followed by more road blocks and less results.

We decided that wasn't the life our family wanted or set out for when I started the business. So I went on a journey.

I began learning everything I could about running a small business from anyone who would teach me. It wasn't long before I had a breakthrough... and then another... and another. Soon, I was working with people who were running successful businesses and discovered how they found success while their competitors continued to struggle.

Then I began helping them grow their business from there...

I had discovered my purpose. It's time the small business owner achieved their entrepreneurial dreams and actually changed their families lives.

Today, I live to help the small business owner turn the corner and own the business they want and obtained the lifestyle their family deserves.

If there is one thing I've learned, its this:

Your future gets here quicker than you expect it and if you're not prepared, you might be in the same spot you were 3, 5 or even 10 years ago.

I understand what it feels like to have the stress of a business that needs your constant attention and care along with the demands and desires of a wife and children who need a husband and father. 

If there is one regret I see, it's that at some point - the small business owner felt like they had to choose one over the other... 

Building the Small Business of Your Dreams

Big corporations have an advantage... they have a board of advisors there who have been through the challenges and struggles that the company will face. Unfortunately, the small business owner doesn't have access to their own personal board of advisors.

Until now...

It's time your small business started to produce the income you and your family deserve.

We'll cover exactly what your ideal outcome is and what it takes to get there.

No more excuses, no more road blocks - it's time for results.

Here is the Path:

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    Advanced Marketing Strategies
    We're going to break the traditional model that most small business owners fall into. It's time to start building an attraction based Marketing strategy that brings clients to your door and keeps you from trying to beat their door down.
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    Accelerate Your Success In Sales, Profits And Growth
    When it comes to distinguishing the differences between Entrepreneurial Owners who are succeeding and those who are not, I have experienced first hand what it takes to cross that bridge effectively and efficiently. That’s not a bragging point, but simply a matter of fact. I can help you just as I have helped others by putting in the time, effort and research into studying the success habits of highly effective Entrepreneurial Owners.
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    Here’s what we’ve discovered about success
    Helping you achieve significant results in business takes MORE than determination and desire – it actually requires 3 critical elements all working in synergy. These elements are essential for any Business Owner trying to achieve success in an area they have been consistently struggling with.

Why Now is the Time to Act

Now is the time to take your future into your own hands and explore a proven path that others have taken before you. This plan is designed to fuel your hunger for freedom and long-term security for your family.

This may be your only opportunity to immerse yourself in an exclusive business building session. Learn from my mistakes and achieve your goals through a smart, safe and realistic success.

With our Big Bold Promise for guaranteed results, the owners I have helped and your financial future at stake. What is stopping you?

My Big Bold Promise to You:

I have total confidence in what I can do for you and your business… but I want YOU to feel 100% confident you’re making the right decision for you and your family.

Jump on the call, take notes, review the materials, identify your challenges, opportunities and road blocks.

And if you feel that this isn't what you want or you aren't in the right position to take advantage of creating your ideal future – for any reason – then let me know and I will personally refund your investment!

I won’t ask you any questions, give you a hard time, or put you through the ringer. If you feel I didn’t deliver – just let me know.

You’ll get your money back and we’ll part as friends.

Sound fair?

*By the way, I ALWAYS make this guarantee because NO ONE has ever felt they didn't get incredible value. That said, this guarantee is sincere and made in earnest so that you can relax knowing that you have absolutely nothing to lose.. and a whole lot to gain.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let's Build Your Ideal Business

​If you are ready to take your small business to the next level and start living the life you and your family dreamed of, I want you to jump on a call with me.

We are going to spend 45 minutes on the phone identifying exactly what you need to do to break through the glass ceiling and achieve the success you always dreamed of.

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    We're going to get hands-on: This is your chance to get clarity on what your business looks like today and what it could like in 90 days, 1 year or 3 years from today. This is transformational.
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    You'll have exactly what you need: to create the business you and your family dreamed of and the lifestyle you desire. No more headaches, no more struggling, just a clear defined path to the future.
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    This is all 100% guaranteed: If we get off of this call and you don't feel like you have what you need to take the next steps, I want to refund your money immediately or give us the opportunity to make it right. There is literally NO RISK.

Here's How to Get Started

Just like you value your time and charge your clients and business appropriately. I do the same.

What that means is you will need to make a small monetary commitment that you ACTUALLY are ready to get the results that you need. This is backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you don't like what you get, it's free. 

My passion is helping Entrepreneurs succeed because I was in your shoes not too long ago - but I found a better way. And I am ready to share that with you if you will take me up on this No-Risk Offer.

Most small business owners I work with are happy to invest $297 to get on a 45-minute call with me to Supercharge their business. The return they get far exceeds the small investment.

However, I am not going to make you pay $297.

I believe in the small business owner and the dream they are trying to build - that is why I am giving you the opportunity to get on this life changing call for only $97 . Don't lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Cody Alexander

Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

About Me

When it comes to running a business and leading a family, it can be overwhelming. Before my business worked for me, I used to solely work for my business. This meant a lot of my time and focus was spent trying to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. 

Since then, I've found an easier path. One that allows me to spend my time and attention on my family while pursuing my passion of owning a small business - instead of my small business owning me.

It's Decision Time.

I understand that you are a busy professional, juggling work, family and any personal time you can scrounge together. But can you afford to keep doing what you're doing now?

You can continue down the path you are on of spinning you wheels, going up the lonely mountain of small business ownership on your own and ultimately continue getting the same results you've been getting.

However, if you have considered yourself an "A Player", someone who has always labored for something more, who isn't afraid to take a leap of faith to get the results they want...

Then I want you to consider this decision one of the most important you can make TODAY. And it is important to ME because I can about what I do and because I believe in you and want to share my resources to effortlessly get you where you want to go. It's very important because the clock is tick-tocking, the calendar pages are turning, the years are disappearing, and you NEED a workable plan for becoming financially and personally independent. To truly live the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

Do you have one in place? Are you working on it now? We can craft one together with my proven processes. We can build it together, risk-free, too. 

Why Struggle - When this could be YOU!

We dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish.​

Reality: almost everybody thinks about their businesses in terms of what they do. if they own or open a shop, they think the business is its goods: if asked what business they are in, they might say handbags and shoes or bridal wear or a beauty salon or carpet cleaning service, etc. But THE SECRET is that - to provide great income - every business is really in the marketing business. And the thing most business owners know the least about is the real business: marketing. The thing most business owners are least prepared to do is attract all the new customers they need, affordably, systematically - regardless of competition or economy. As a result, most business people fail at marketing. They know too little, they spend too much, they are victims of ad media salespeople and web designers and PR agencies who just take your money. They really don't know what the devil they are doing!

The TRUE SECRET is: you must know how to get customers.

So if you aren't truly expert in building a funnel that supports your business, instead of siphons from it - no amount of expertise, quality, service at "your thing" be it dog grooming or auto repair or whatever will save you. If you haven't been in business long or are still spinning  your wheels, youthink it will. That being great is good enough. If you build it they will come.

So how can you "own" this Secret, without taking 5, 10 or 20 years to learn everything about successfully marketing your small business?

That's where I step in as your ally...

What You Could Have vs What You Have Today

Your Ideal Future

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    You run your business. You choose your schedule, work the hours you desire and spend your time divided amongst your business, your family and your passions.
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    You have someone in your corner helping you to eliminate road blocks and get you real results.
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    You have access to a "Board of Advisors" who can help you make Fortune-500 decisions without the cost.
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    You get to pursue life to the fullest, no matter what your passion is.
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    A fulfilling life enjoying the lifestyle you and your family always dreamed of.

Your Current Reality

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    Your Business runs you. It chooses your schedule, where you spend your time and how much you spend each week.
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    You continue to struggle to break through the barriers that keep hindering your ability to grow and profit.
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    The journey up the lonely mountain of Small Business Ownership continues and gets steeper, more dangerous and even more lonely.
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    Eventually you will have to choose between your Small Business and Your Family...
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    Complete burnout. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get exactly what you're looking for just let me know and I will send you a prompt refund.

P.S.: Who else has ever offered to empower you to take the time to get down and dirty in the real problems facing your business today and then show you how to grow from it; to set you up in an effective and powerful small business designed to provide liberty and security.

I believe in you - you've come this far, let me help you take your business to the next step...

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